Developer Relations is one of the fastest-growing areas in technology, yet many stakeholders don't understand the unique business value that it brings to a developer-first product. Persea Consulting exists to help you discover this value for your specific product and audience.

Persea Consulting was established in 2017 with a mission of providing resources for Developer Relations professionals as well as those trying to understand what DevRel is. In doing so, we fulfill the goal of advancing the Developer Relations industry.


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Package Options

These three basic packages set the foundation for the community that you’re building. By honing in on who your primary audience is, creating a mission statement for your DevRel team, and drawing a mall map, your team will be set up for success.

All packages include a free 30-minute consultation.

In order to clarify what it is that you’re looking for and ensure that I’m the right person to help you, I offer a free, 30-minute consultation. During this 30-minute meeting, we’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing and the expertise I can offer, and then decide whether this seems like a beneficial partnership. If we decide it’s not a great fit, I’ll send along any helpful resources and pass you along to another DevRel consultancy. Sign up for a consultation today!

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Don't see something that works for you? Reach out -- we're happy to work with you on a personalized package!


This package is best for a company who is looking for help with figuring out where (and how) a technical community professional fits into their company. In short, you know you need someone to help build or maintain a community, but you don’t know what their day-to-day role should be, or what the overall scope of the job looks like.

Things you’ll know by the end of this project include:

  • What’s the proper title for the position you’re looking to fill?

  • What are the basic job requirements that you’ll expect someone to fulfill?

  • What type of experience level are you looking for in this individual?

Deliverables include:

  • A market-ready job description.

  • Initial goals for your new community professional to tackle once they’re on board.

  • A clear way to set your new community professional up for success with regard to metrics, priorities, and approval from stakeholders.

This scope will be prefaced by an in-depth collaborative questionnaire. This questionnaire will help me to gain insight into your goals and intentions as a company, which will help frame the job description.

Add-on: Recruiting/Hiring Items

Any of these can be easily coupled with the above Job Scope. These add-ons are best for a company who doesn’t have a good foothold in the Developer Relations space and may not know where to look for applicants, or the questions to ask once they have someone in the pipeline. Each of these line items can be added separately, or as a package.

Options include:

  • A promotional package, spreading the word about the job opening on social media as well as various Community Professional-specific job boards

  • A list of appropriate questions to ask when interviewing for a technical community position

  • Personal referrals from my community network

  • Interview panelist

  • Onboarding your new community professional and helping to establish processes by which they will accomplish the your initial goals



This package is best for a company that is not currently doing anything proactively to build or foster a developer community. In short, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you do know that you need to be working to better your relationship with the developer audience.


This package is best for a company that needs an outside opinion on your current DevRel focus. In short, you already have the resources you need, but you aren’t sure either where to start or how to continue.

Things you’ll know by the end of our time together include:

  • What segment of the developer audience does your product cater to?

  • What goals are you hoping to accomplish with a Developer Relations professional/team?

  • Do you actually need a community, or are you looking for someone to help with brand awareness and amplifying the work of your developers?

  • What metrics would be useful for you to track your efforts?

Deliverables include:

  • Analysis and assessment of findings.

  • Written goals that were agreed on for future community building & DevRel work to be completed either by myself or by an FTE.

  • Community Development Roadmap - e.g. what you could do with `x` community-minded people over time.

  • 2 practical things you can start doing with your current team in order to increase your brand awareness and jumpstart a relationship with the developer community.

  • Completed worksheets that were used as thought exercises (if relevant)

  • Links for resources, tools, and documentation.

This assessment includes a 6-hour onsite engagement.


This package is best for a company who has a relatively good handle on who their audience is, but needs to make sure that all of their materials are a) geared toward the same audience and b) appropriate for reaching the goals that have been set. In short, you think you’re heading in the right direction, but want to verify those gut feelings.

Things you’ll know by the end of this project include:

  • Do’s and don’ts of how to most effectively communicate with your developer audience.

  • How to set expectations with senior leadership to most productively drive developer engagement and track the items metrics that matter most to the business.

Deliverables include:

  • A full analysis and assessment of all written materials intended for your developer audience, including your corporate blog, email campaigns, physical branding, social media accounts, website, and more.

  • Suggestions of changes to be made and examples of companies to follow.

This assessment generally takes place over the span of two weeks, depending on the amount of written materials. There may also be communication between a large number of different departments, depending on who is in charge of the materials.

  • Audience Evaluation & Segmentation

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Public Speaking & Conference Training

  • Content Training

  • Event Logistics

  • CFP Calendar Maintenance

  • Social Media List Building & Curation




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