The Business Value of Developer Relations

by Mary Thengvall

Discover the true value of Developer Relations as you learn to build and maintain positive relationships with your developer community. Use the principles laid out in this book to walk through your company goals and discover how you can formulate a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Featuring interviews with Developer Relations professionals from many successful companies including Red Hat, Google, Chef, Docker, Mozilla, SparkPost, Heroku, Twilio, CoreOS, and more, and with a foreword by Jono Bacon, The Business Value of Developer Relations is the perfect book for anyone who is working in the tech industry and wants to understand where DevRel is now and how to get involved. Don’t get left behind – join the community today.

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DevRel Bible

“This is the most important book on DevRel written so far. It covers the why, the what, and the how to get started, how to go around and how to improve if you already doing it. Since I got it (a month ago) I recommended it to a dozen colleagues as the definite answer for a very broad range of questions.”

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Comprehensive volume about this emerging field

“Mary's book encapsulates answers & explanations to many of the questions I have been asked about marketing to developers over the years. Next time anyone asks me how to do something in relation to a developer community, I will hand them a copy of Mary's book rather than having to, once again, develop one-off business cases/presentations, or have long conversations with folks when she has already covered this ground much better than I ever could.”

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If you are even thinking about DevRel you NEED this book.

“This is THE book for developer relations and should be required reading for anyone thinking of setting up a DevRel program.”

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Terrific book! I wish I had this 5 years ago!

“The practical advice and the language used in this book would have saved us a lot of pain if we could have clearly communicated the business value of a group like ours to the broader business. Personally, reading the book allowed me some self-reflection and a framework to analyze just what went wrong, and how I can structure my initiatives in the future. I am already implementing some of the guidance and can already see the difference in understanding in the new group I am a part of now.”

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This book answers "why" and "how" to build developer communities - thank goodness!

“While this book is tactical enough for developer relations professionals, product managers, LOB leaders, and even founders and investors should pick up a copy and share it with their teams. You may end up choosing to invest in a community before some other, less useful tactics because of it.”

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A question that is asked a lot about DevRel (and by myself) is "what do you do?"

“This book takes a great look at what Developer Relations is all about, with numerous case studies and examples, and provides a holistic view of how to build a rich, cohesive team.”

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